Crypto Mining Rig (ETH) 6 X Nvidia RTX Model 1-5


We are building the following Crypto Mining Rig models:

Model 1: 6X AMD 5600XT 230MH

Model 2: 6 X AMD 5700XT 295MH

Model 3: 6 X Nvidia 3070 360MH

Model 4: 6x Nvidia 3080 580MH

Model 5: 6X Nvidia 3090 720MH

All prices include VAT



Crypto Mining Rig (ETH) 6 X Nvidia RTX

This add is for the rig described below:

6x Nvidia RTX 3070 hashing at 360mh/s @ 850W (£9166+VAT)

Rig consists of:

6x Nvidia RTX 3070 Gigabyte

Gigabyte Z390 Motherboard

Intel I5 processor

8gb ddr4 ram Fury Hyperx or Corsair

2 X 750W-850w fully modular power supply

65cm aluminium frame

6x powered usb risers

In the event of a power cut when power is restored all rigs are programmed to automatically restart themselves and start mining.

The rig will come with Simple miner (Linux) and you will be able to mine almost any mineable coin.

When you will collect your rig if you are new to mining we will offer a 2 hour long training explaining everything you need to know about it.

We can also do small or large custom builds including mining farms.


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